Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Waiting on my money tree....

The following post was originally meant to be posted on Monday, October 31, 2011:

Let me be the first to say: this weekend was AWESOME!!  Well, Saturday was awesome; Sunday just kinda moped on by.

Let's start with Friday.  I admit, I was a little skeptical about the SURGe meeting because it was about vampire lore, and I'm not a big Halloween fan, but it turned out to be great!  Dr. Garza is a great speaker-so engaging and knowledgeable about the subject.  I didn't particularly enjoy watching the vampire movie clips because I have a low tolerance for scary movies (I get scared easily), but I loved hearing Dr. Garza's foreign accents-he's really quite good at them!  I wish I knew multiple languages like that.  We had pizza like usual, but after, we went to the Anna Hiss Gym for free Amy's icecream!!  Yum... Even though it was chilly on Friday, my usual half-coffee/half-Oreo with M&Ms and Oreos tasted just as good as ever!

And now to the best part: Saturday!  Since it was mine and my best friend Karima's birthday weekend, we spent the day at the Domain with my other best friend Azeen and my sister.  And boy, DID we spend all day there!  We got there around 11 and didn't leave till after 6!  We really wanted to go to Forever 21 but we made the mistake of tackling that after lunch.  The first few stores went well-they even bought stuff, but then we started to get tired and really hungry.

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and it was really good!  We had a nice international lunch: Italian (pizza!); Asian (Japanese eggplant); Mexican (Tostada pizza); and Mediterranean (Tuscan Hummus).  My personal favorite: the Vegetarian with Japanese Eggplant pizza.  Now, normally, I HATE eggplant.  I mean, HATE IT.  Really.  You can even ask my mom.  But this time, I didn't even notice it.  Maybe it was because of the cheese.  Maybe it was because of the broccoli, which I've never eaten (broccoli is not bad at all!).  Maybe it was just because I was hungry.  Or maybe even all three.  But it was DE-LI-CIOUS!  The Tostada pizza is also not bad; imagine a "Mexican food"-flavored pizza and there you have it!  My friend described it as "pizza with nachos".

I guess you could say we got into somewhat of a "food coma" afterwards because we weren't very sprightly as we walked to Forever 21.  And when we got there, our brains were overloaded with the PLETHORA of clothes and accessories and people!!  Azeen and I even got a little dizzy and had to sit down.  And we probably would have stayed there the rest of the day if we didn't have to go home.  The next half of the day was spent going into all those stores where we know we'll just walk right out again without getting anything as we walked back to the car.  I saw a BEAUTIFUL white Grecian one-shoulder dress that turned out to be $348!!  And then Azeen found a purple knee-length dress with orange sequins that was $528!!  Karima kept joking about how when we all become doctors and grow out our money trees, we can come back and buy everything we want.  Like that's gonna happen.  We agreed in the end that even when we had money, our standards wouldn't change and we probably still wouldn't buy anything.  But it was fun to try on make-up!  I found out that lavender eyeshadow goes really well with my brown eyes. Good to know, Karima.

Anyway, we came back to my house and were going to watch Toy Story 3 (a tip I picked up from the plant sale on Friday), but it was already 7:00!  So then we had moist fudge brownies (Have I made you hungry yet?) and then Indian food for dinner followed up quickly with Neapolitan icecream.  To summarize: a day filled with unhealthy food (pizza, brownies, icecream) and window shopping.  But then again, those are the best kinds, right?  But I was woefully unprepared for my study group on Sunday.  That seems to happen a lot, doesn't it?

And now to a completely different topic: Harry Potter Fest!!  Did you go today?  Unfortunately, the only event I could go to was Trivia and my team got 3rd place!  We missed only 2 questions - can you believe it?  Some of the questions were really hard, like dates of when the Durmstrang and Beauxbaton schools came to Hogwarts!  But I did use my tickets to buy a Chocolate Frog, with a complementary wizard card inside.  It is still safely in my freezer.  And I got more Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (Jelly Beans).  Thankfully, I did not get vomit-flavored or earwax.  Whew!  My favorites were orange and pina colada.


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  1. I like the title of the blog...story of my life haha. Good job on the blogs! I can totally hear you speaking through the words :D