Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello SURGers!

We have a lab safety certification meeting this week!
If you are a freshmen, or an upperclassman who is looking into working in a research lab ANYWHERE you need this certification. You also need this certification for the labs that you will take in future (FRI, Chem, Bio, Biochem and rocket science labs blah blah etc) so make sure you sign up!

YOU MUST SIGN UP! you can't just show up!

My midterms are over but I am getting ready for the next midterms ( nerd alert!!!! I know, but I actually gave up facebook to Miss President, LP KURI!!! there is nothing better than walking out of after the test feeling like you have just earned yourself a big fat A!). How is your school life? We'd love to hear from you! Come chat with us during our office hours.

Remember, if you have anything to talk about, even something other than research, please feel free to talk to any of the officers, we are here for you.

Youn Joo Kim
SURGe Vice President

Monday, October 4, 2010

ROADS to Research

Hello my lovely SURGers!
Thank you so much for those who came out to volunteer/support SURGe at Roads to Research event last Friday. It was a giant success and we cannot ask for better members! And Thanks to all the presenters! You are an inspiration! You guys are the best!

--I must say Miss President was quite nervous about the event since.. she became the president.

Pictures will be posted soon :)

Youn Joo Kim
SURGe Vice President

p. s. Laura and I went out to go watch The Social Network (the movie about facebook) on Friday night to celebrate! We think it's an awesome movie and you should definitely check it out! SURGers! BE AMBITIOUS!!!!