Friday, August 27, 2010

SURGe is There.

Everywhere you look, SURGe is there!!

Here are some pictures of the officers helping out at GTT! Come by and visit us again at:
Sept. 1: Party on the Plaza- Gregory Gym
Sept. 3: Plant Sale- Greenhouse by Painter
Sept. 10: West Mall Plant Sale and FIRST MEETING!!

We couldn't be happier to be your 2010-2011 officers!!!

Please don't hesitate in contacting us!

Laura Kuri

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day :)

Hello Lovelies!

Hopefully your first day of school was amazing. As for me, my classes have been good so far, and are still not over! I feel like there are really two first days of school in college, W and Th, since classes are different. I'm sure you all did great and are beginning to love our beautiful campus, and for those returning, I missed you!

Here is a video that is featured on the CNS website and Insight newsletter which you should all consider signing up for!



Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey SURGers

We hope to see you & the new members at the org fair before Gone to Texas tonight!
come chat with us about ..... your new college life
and of course

Research Research Research

Laura Kuri & Youn Joo Kim
SURGe President & her right wing woman

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Research Opportunity

Hello SURGers!!

Hopefully your summer has been rewarding and incredibly relaxing before yet
another year of school! For those of you returning, we hope you join SURGe once
again because on behalf of all the officers, we'd love to have you back. For
those of you that graduated, there are instructions on unsubscribing from this
mailing list at the bottom of this email and we wish you the best in life!

Our first meeting will be Sept. 10th, however, plant sales will start promptly
on Friday, Aug. 27th, from 9-4 in the PAI greenhouse. Come mingle with the
officers to learn more about SURGe!

Fruit fly larvae are emerging model organisms for sensory, learning and drug
discovery research. The larval stage has all the advantages of adult Drosophila
molecular genetics toolkit and yet has less number of neurons, an easier
rearing and robust behavioral assays, rendering it more amenable for our

I am looking for committed undergraduate researchers with clear career goals of
either further postgraduate research or biomedical profession to join a highly
motivated and productive team. Every undergraduate in my team is an independent
researcher and not just helping hand. Another key advantage of working in our
team is your chance to publish in top international scientific journals. Apart
from being reward in itself publications usually open many career avenues in
science and medicine. Over a dozen undergraduates have already earned
authorship on manuscripts (six manuscripts in submission or preparation). One
constraint or limitation to join our team is at least 8 hour plus research work

If you are interested in this research opportunity, which involves behavioral
work, mutational analysis and epigenetic modification in fruit fly larvae or
know someone who might be interested, please forward my contact information.
This work is being conducted in collaboration with Prof. Nigel Atkinson in the
Section of Neurobiology. I can be reached at:

Laura Kuri
SURGe President
No Dues. Just Research.