Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy belated Christmukkwanza+ Happy New Year

Hello SURGers!
I'm a bad blogger. bad bad bad. I cannot believe I let this happen this semester. Seriously, I totally should have gotten whipped by Dr. Brownson or our wonderful president Laura K.

I'm curious to know how many of you are actually reading this but I guess I'll never know since there's no such thing as a 'like' button on this blogging system. or is there...would you let me know by shooting me an email?
So many things happened since my last blogging, which I don't even think I wrote anything about our Longhorn Halloween event? The Race for the Cure? The Amazing Camping trip?
I'd say in my four years of being in SURGe this was one of the most memorable semester :) and it's all thanks to you. You were amazing! Thanks for your love and interest in undergraduate research, your endless hours of participation in meetings, volunteer events and socials, and your friendship.

Longhorn Halloween

Group Shot!

The Race for the Cure
I've realized that I didn't have any pictures of Collin or Laura :( I apologize. I've also realized that my picture here may mislead some people to think I ran the whole way. Collin and Laura had to drag me through this :P Only if I had my ipod and Katy Perry....

Camping :)
two of our amazing members Tim and Mark! I sincerely apologize for playing 'Teenage Dream' like 500 times. But I really really appreciated you guys singing along in the end :P
setting up the tent/ holding Laura as a prisoner haha
Happy Lovely Campers
So I guess this is what you 'have' to do when you have an open water. My rocks bounced!!! Pooja is my witness :)

Former Prez & Current Prez

om nom nom dinner time


<3 href="">SMORES!

(flag football pics are missing)

Tent A actually got up in the morning, watched the sunrise and took these adorable pics.

While Tent B struggled to wake up................
Tent A!
Mark, Samantha, Cristy, Justin, Pooja, Stephen

focus focus!!

Tent B:
Skylar, YJK, LPK, Collin, DanQ, Tsotman

Random Study Group for the Finals:

(this was totally not planned)

(not pictured: YJK)

The reason why and how I survived this semester:
being with My SURGe family.

My lovely SURGe officers Laura and Collin took me to the Imax theatre to see my very first 3D film Avatar. It changed my life forever.

Before CompSciMitra

After CompSciMitra

Happy belated Christmukkwanza
Happy New Year!
I really hope to see more of you next semester. I miss you guys so much!

From Houston TX,
Youn Joo Kim
From Colombia
Laura Kuri