Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Going down, down, down, down...

Props to whoever can figure out the title's reference.

Last Wednesday's special event was nursery visiting/plant shopping!!  Collin, Dan, and I went to a place called Vickery in East Austin.  It was huge!  Think of our humble little greenhouse times 6 and much more organized and with more variety!  We got lots of cool plants like praying palms, grafted cacti (they're pink, red, orange and yellow!) and a polka-dot plant!  I bet you've never seen a polka-dot plant before (it's also called pink splash).  So, we will be having a HUGE West Mall plant sale on the 11th- tell everyone you know to stop by!  And if you're free this week, we'd love your help on Friday at the sale - the more, the merrier!

The low point of last week happened on Thursday when I realized that my Physics lab report was actually due the day before and when I tried to finish it, I kept getting negative numbers for inertia.  Even I know that's not right.  My procrastination reached a zenith when I didn't finish my Physics lab this weekend, either.  I intentionally put it off longer and longer until I just gave up on it completely and turned it in on Monday, half finished.  This past weekend and the week so far has been really bad.  Yesterday I had a lab report due and my Vert. Neuro. midterm.  I didn't study for Vert. Neuro. until two hours before the test yesterday.  I figured, since there wasn't much material and I had a drop test, I would be okay.  And it was, for the most part, but it would still hurt to get a C or something.

And today.  Wow, today ranks as one of the worst days ever.  I had both my Cell Bio and Physics midterms and then an appointment with my BDP advisor (did I mention I applied to the program?).  Cell Bio was okay (the multiple choice was really hard!) and Physics was horrible.  I spent all weekend on Cell Bio, so for once, I was prepared for my study group, but it cost me.  Honestly, though, for Physics I really only studied less than half a day, but in my defense, the homework was much easier..to understand.  Don't you just hate when you spend all your time on one thing and then you not only do badly on the other thing you had, but you also don't even get all the points for the one thing you really did spend your time studying for?  Looks like I just can't win today...or maybe this entire week.

But my advising appointment went well.  She liked my application essay!  Which I thought was funny considering I spent 2 hours just throwing it together.  And of course, FRC meeting-probably the best part of today.  And no, I'm not saying that just because it's my position. :)  It was good; we had the usuals: Sara, Amanda, Varduhi and Dan.  We got started planting the new plants into colorful clay pots for the big West Mall sale on Friday, and Amanda had fun both destroying clay pots and spray-painting them.  Again, tell everyone you know to come by and buy a plant!  We have a big selection of succulents and cacti!  And for those who say that they are very good at killing plants, we have ones that don't die!  Now you have no excuse :), unless you have no money... Booooo.

I hope all of you went to the SURGe meeting last Friday.  It was AWESOME!!  We had free Jason's Deli and drinks (the lemonade was a-ma-zing!) and lots of useful information about summer research.  I missed my Vert. Neuro. review session, so I will definitely be using those tips, especially about updating my resume.  And we had about 300 people!  And this week's meeting will feature a team who studies wildfires.  That's hot.  (Anyone know who I'm referencing?  Really, I should post the answers or something.)  SURGe will also be running the Race for the Cure this Sunday.  I'm still debating whether or not to go.  Anyway, see you Friday!


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